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My team and I are launching the Official Watchers Alerts to bring you our best trading recommendations in real-time.
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  • ​Identify promising cryptocurrency investments in a matter of minutes
  • ​Execute trading strategies you wouldn’t normally have time for
  • ​Apply complex financial analysis to your trades... without even learning how!
  • ​Know with certainty the coins you’re trading are safe and secure
  • ​Make trading decisions based on logic and sound judgement; not emotion
  • ​Take advantage of done-for-you trading alerts for a variety of financial goals
  • ​Stop falling for shameless shilling and ruthless pump n’ dump schemes
Crush Your Investment Goals With Our Done-For-You Crypto Trading Alerts So You Know Exactly...
 What To Trade
With over 1,600+ different cryptocurrencies on the market, it would take thousands of hours to properly assess each one. You also need to watch out for scams that exist in this new market.

When To Buy
Timing your trade entries with precision has never been so effortless. Take advantage of hundreds of complex financial indicators - even if you don’t know what any of it means.

When To Sell
Exit your positions for maximum profits and minimum risk with our two step approach. First you look to recoup your initial investment. Then comes the time to rake in your profits.

Get Instant Updates So You Never Miss An Opportunity To Buy Low, Sell High, or Lock In Profits
Using our F.A.T.E. Profit System, Fundamental Analysis Technical Execution, we deliver instant trade alerts when it’s time to buy low, sell high, and lock in profits.
What happens behind-the-scenes:
Before we recommend any crypto, we assess company fundamentals like its team, external support, community, developers, real-world application, and more. 

This way you will never get caught holding a coin that is 

Then our systems use complex technical analysis paired with our custom code to predict with near certainty when prices are ready to rise or fall and is ready to issue trade alerts in a seconds notice.
How It Works
The price you pay for a trade is equally, if not more important, than the price you sell for. You’ll receive a target price range so you know when you should be entering a new position for maximum profits.
This is where you want to recoup your initial investment so you can never lose more than you started with. We call this “playing with the house’s money”. It’s like going to a casino and only playing with your winnings.
During the third and final stage you will sell any remaining holdings of a particular crypto. Your earnings in this portion of the trade tend to be pure profit.
How You Can Beat the Market By 11X: Turn -53.48% into 457.63%
Earlier this year, my team and I published a report containing our top 4 favorite
Across the board, each of these cryptos are down -53.48% this year if you simply 
bought and held since Jan 1, 2018.
During this time frame, the right trades could have earned you 457.63% gains on 
the very same coins

Take a look:
On Crypto Play #1 you could be down -72.4% or up 310.1%
On Crypto Play #2 you could be down -26.1% or up 653.3%
On Crypto Play #3 you could be down -66.18% or up 297.1%
On Crypto Play #4 you could be down -49.21% or up 570%
These 5 Bitcoin plays would have put you up 528%

Buy Alert issued at $3,200

Sell Alert issued $5,800

81% gain in 29 days!

Buy Alert issued at $1,850

Sell Alert issued at $4,300

132% gains in 32 days

Buy Alert issued at $5,800

Sell Alert issued at $16,600

186% Gain in 27 days

Buy Alert issued at $6,000

Sell Alert issued $11,200

86% gain in 15days!

Buy Alert issued at $6,500

Sell Alert issued at $9,500

46% gain 24 days

These 3 Ethereum plays could have you sitting on 316% returns

Buy Alert issued at $390.00

Sell Alert issued at $700.00

79% gain in 25 days!

Buy Alert issued at$140.00

Sell Alert issued at $300.00

114% gains in 27days

Buy Alert issued at $210.00

Sell Alert issued at $470.00

123% Gain in 76 days

Brought To You By The Official Crypto Watch Team
Chase Hero
In 2010 Chase founded an advertising & technology company that grew to a 9-figure business. His success in the tech sector allowed him to branch out into the financial markets. Finding a new love in trading the markets, Chase founded Pacer Capital in 2014. From its inception Pacer Capital focused heavily on cryptocurrency. Thanks to the fundamental and technical trading skills he developed in the financial markets, Chase was able excel in crypto markets. In 2015, Chase and his team founded The Watchers Facebook group which was designed to educate the masses about all things crypto.

Randall Crowder
Over the past decade, Randall has led over 40 angel investments and deployed over $60M across 14 companies as a venture capitalist. Randall is a co-founder and Managing Partner at TEXO Ventures where he focuses on tech-enabled health services and he is the sole founder and
Managing Partner at Novē Ventures where he focuses on companies leveraging blockchain technology. Prior to TEXO, he led the Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) to becoming one of the most active angel networks in the country.

Dan Fleyshman
Dan Fleyshman is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. He is an angel Investor and advisor to 26 companies that range from mobile apps and tech companies to retail products and monthly box companies. His main passion is charity that creates backpacks filled with 150 emergency supply items for the homeless. In 2014 Fleyshman was pivotal in placing the first Bitcoin ATM into a casino in Las Vegas. This garnered international press which led him into 2017 where he began consistently throwing cryptocurrency events and investing into all facets of the space.

Zak Folkman
After graduating from New York Law School with his J.D., Zak decided to pursue his true passion for building businesses and creating technology. Zak formed his own advertising and technology firm that quickly grew to 8-figures in revenue. In 2013, along with his wife, Zak moved to St. Thomas to realize his dream of working from a laptop on a beach. For the past few years Zak has ran his advertising company from the beautiful Caribbean while also investing in everything from cryptocurrency and technology startups to real estate. Zak also serves as an acting advisor to blockchain projects he is passionate about.

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“Risk Comes From Not Knowing What You’re Doing” - Warren Buffett
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